Another death in Queen Elizabeth’s circle of friends

Recent times have not been easy for Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.

She lost her husband Prince Philip in April, and for the past month, the 95-year-old queen has had to say goodbye to as many as three close friends.

In December, she lost two of her longtime court ladies, the 101-year-old Duchess Ann Fortune FitzRoy and the 90-year-old Baroness Diana Maxwell, and now another close friend has passed away.

The 96-year-old equestrian journalist and trainer Ivor Herbert has slept quietly in his home on January 5, writes The Times.

According to Hello! Magazine Herbert Ivor was a longtime friend of the royal family and has visited the Queen several times at her Scottish castle in Balmoral.

Herbert Ivor leaves behind the grown children Nick, Kate and Jane, as well as a grandson.

Thus, he becomes the third friend that Queen Elizabeth has recently had to say goodbye to.

On December 3, she lost the Duchess of Crafton, the 101-year-old Ann Fortune FitzRoy, who had served as her court lady throughout the Queen’s 69-year reign.

On December 29, another court lady, the Baroness of Farnham, followed, 90-year-old Diana Maxwell. She served as the Queen’s court lady for 34 years until her death.

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