Another crisis indication? Raúl Richter’s Vanessa posts a quote

What do these words mean? Just yesterday, Vanessa Schmitt fueled the rumor mill about a love crisis with her partner Raúl Richter (35). The beauty reposted a quote that indicated fraud. She also emphasized that she is not doing well mentally at the moment. That’s why she treats herself to a girls’ vacation in Ibiza – without Raul. Now follow more cryptic lines from vanessa!

“Never think you know someone else’s life. You only ever know what they let you know”was the quote, which vanessa in your Instagram-Story shared. Sounds like she finally found something she wasn’t expecting. Does it have anything to do with it? Raul and their relationship to do? At least their fans are sure of that.

They comment diligently under his and her pictures – and bombard them with questions. “Do you have vanessa cheated?”it reads below Raúls most recent picture. Also noticeable: vanessa has removed all couple pictures from her social media profile.

Instagram / vanessa.schmitt_

Raul Richter and Vanessa Schmitt

Instagram / vanessa.schmitt_

Vanessa Schmitt, model

Bieber, Tamara/ActionPress

Raúl Richter and his girlfriend Vanessa Schmitt in May 2022

Do you think it’s over between them?

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