Annoyance at “Bares for Rares”: Saleswoman reaches expertise and still breaks off

With a rare heirloom, Patricia Lehmbruch went to “Bares for Rares”, but ultimately didn’t want to sell the pocket watch with a Masonic motif. The highest imperative was not far from the expertise.

Patricia Lehmbruch from the Middle Rhine Valley caused astonishment at “Bares for Rares” with a fancy watch from her deceased husband. Horst Lichter initially thought the piece was a ring, but was soon instructed by the expert Wendela Horz. The recognized the symbol of a well-known secret box of the Freemasons on the clock, which should represent a so-called all-seeing eye.

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The historic timepiece came from France and was manufactured around 1870. But was the desired price of 3,500 euros realistic? Unfortunately, the expert had to apply the brakes on this point, which is of course crucial for the saleswoman. She thought 2000 to 2500 euros was realistic. Patricia Lehmbruch agreed to the damper and took the dealer card. Moments later, however, she would change her mind.

Cash for Rares pocket watch
Big Brother is watching you. © ZDF

Quick termination: the saleswoman changes her mind and leaves

The watch met with approval in the dealer room. Susanne Steiger made a decent first bid of 500 euros and the competition didn’t sleep either. At the end of the day there was an amount of 2,200 euros that coincided with the expertise. Patricia Lehmbruch didn’t want to sell for less than 3,000 euros, which is why she took her rarity back home with her. In the end she could have saved herself the trip to the dealer room, but of course it is her right not to sell. She left “Bares for Rares” with one laughing and one crying eye, so her final comment. You can find out what else she’s up against Susanne Steiger in the video.

“Bares für Rares” runs on ZDF at 3:05 pm on weekdays. The ZDF Neo offshoot broadcasts repeats at 8:50 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. The concept of the program has not changed in more than 1,000 episodes: experts evaluate the goods brought in before haggling over the sales price in the dealership.

How well would you do yourselves at “Bares for Rares”? Test yourselves in the quiz:

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