Announcement to all haters: Natascha Ochsenknecht talks about Long Covid

Announcement to all haters
Natascha Ochsenknecht talks about Long Covid

At the end of 2020, Natascha Ochsenknecht was infected with Corona. Not only is the course of the disease severe, the after-effects are also tough. Now the 58-year-old is dealing with haters who have mocked her because of her weight gain.

“My lungs burned like fire” and “My eye sockets burst” – Natascha Ochsenknecht described her personal experiences with Corona so drastically, among other things, after she had been infected with the virus in November 2020. She was completely “knocked out” for ten days. Extreme body aches and a violent cough bothered her.

As a result, Ochsenknecht also reported on her long-Covid symptoms. Her sense of smell and taste have still not returned, she said in August 2021. She also still has trouble finding words or memory problems. “I climbed the stairs well today. But it’s also possible that I’ll be gasping again tomorrow,” said Ochsenknecht at the time.

From corona dementia to visual disorders

Now the now 58-year-old once again comments on her recovery process in an Instagram post. She also hands out against haters who had treated her with malice because of her long-Covid side effects.

“The combination of Hashimoto and Long Covid is not the best,” Ochsenknecht begins her message. In 2017 she made it public that she suffered from the incurable autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In this case, the thyroid gland is chronically inflamed. The possible consequences range from dry skin and weight gain to tiredness and listlessness.

Ochsenknecht continues: “Exactly two years ago, Corona broke me up. Worst memory problems / Corona dementia (toothpaste in the fridge, toothbrush in the dishwasher, in winter on socks to the dustbin, photos in the oven, that was just a small one excerpt), word finding difficulties, blurred vision, chronic fatigue syndrome (bed and couch were my best friend), every step a disaster.”

“Hobby psychologists at the start”

Last but not least, Ochsenknecht writes that the fact that she gained 13 kilos is probably due to the medication with which she was treated. “Water retention never ends and I didn’t really find that funny,” she adds in explanation. In addition, she shows a photo comparison of her fuller face in June with her current appearance.

Ochsenknecht finally goes to court with users who have worked on their changed appearance in the past few months: “Of course, as always, there were some hobby psychologists at the start who thought my face was pumped up by hyaluronic acid. And they smart ones said it was botox (which doesn’t smooth or pump up, by the way). As if there were nothing more important in the world.”

Fortunately, she has “a thick skin” and can “deal with such stupid comments,” explains Ochsenknecht. “But not others. That’s why never judge people if you don’t know their history,” she writes to the critics in the register. Values ​​such as decency, love and friendliness are important and not the outward appearance, emphasizes Ochsenknecht before she has any positive news to announce: “I am happy that my health is slowly getting back on track and I wish the same for all sick people.”

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