Anne Wunsch confirms she is giving away her dog Dobby!

Anne Wunsch (31) separates from her pet. Last year, the influencer found a neglected, sick puppy in the Seychelles, which she nursed and took with her to Berlin. The Berlin – Day & Night fame gave the animal the name Dobby. When there was a fire in her apartment this year, the dog noticed it first and woke her up Anne on. But now there was Anne known: She plans to give Dobby away.

“I said I’ll take him in but I don’t know if I can keep him”gave Anne on Instagram her words back then when she took Dobby to Berlin. Although she decided to keep the dog after the apartment fire, she now has to admit that she cannot offer him the life he needs.

“I absolutely love this dog. I want a house with a garden for him, a second dog. He deserves it!” Anne clear. However, she did not want to convey the dog herself because she was unsure of the intentions of Instagram users to take in the animal. “After that I teamed up with an animal protection organization that only places dogs with home visits and a protection contract. For me it seems to be the best way.”the 31-year-old knows.

Instagram / tierhilfe.4.happy.paws

Anne Wunsch’s dog Dobby

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch, influencer

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch in October 2022

Can you understand Anne’s rationale for giving up Dobby?

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