Anne-Sophie Lemoine settles her account with Marine Le Pen live in "It’s up to you" : what she did not support!

“Monday, we receive Emmanuel Macron. Why does Marine Le Pen refuse to come on the set of C à vous?”asked Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine to Jordan Bardella, this Friday, April 15, in C à vous, on France 5.

“Not every show managed to get it before the first round…”launched Jordan Bardella, representative of the RN. “My question concerns Marine Le Pen…”immediately retorted the star of public service to his interlocutor, visibly very annoyed.

“It happens that in certain broadcasts, some journalists struggle to conceal their hostility towards Marine Le Pen”rebounded the right arm of Marine who must face polls against him.

“If she is afraid of journalists, she must not be president”, for his part ended up letting go of Patrick Cohen as the guest of the day. What, the one who hopes for the election of a woman on April 24th replied: “You are one of those people, Mr. Cohen, who finds it difficult to hide your hostility. You have received me several times and it is true that you find it difficult to hide your hostility.”

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