"Anne Hidalgo does not assume" : Oliver Véran clashes with the mayor of Paris live from the morning of Cnews!

Olivier Véran did not mince his words on the set of Cnews this Tuesday, November 22, 2022. Invited by Romain Desarbes in La Matinale, the government spokesperson reacted to recent remarks by Anne Hidalgo claiming that the State does not did not help the municipalities enough to justify the increase in property tax in Paris.

Justifications that obviously did not convince Olivier Véran at all: “She doesn’t assume, it’s a classic and that’s a shame. She would do well to say: “Paris is very indebted, where the municipalities of France are indebted for three or four years, we are for more than 20 years. We have made choices”. It is now up to them to know whether these choices benefit Parisians or not. I think a number of them have an idea about it,” did he declare.

Regarding Anne Hidalgo’s willingness to put the blame on the state, the government spokesperson said: “It no longer works with the French”.

To close the subject, Olivier Véran made a point of specifying that the Head of State Emmanuel Macron was indeed going to be present at the Congress of Mayors of France which begins on Tuesday November 22, 2022 for a period of two days. The opportunity for the President of the Republic to exchange with local elected officials.

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