Anne Gadegaard during ‘attack’: My life is not boring!

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“An image that evolved into an attack.”

This is how Anne Gadegaard starts a post on Instagram.

In the post, you can see a number of pictures of the former MGP star lying on a swing with his daughter, Filippa, who is almost three years old.

An activity that the 30-year-old singer likes to deal with at the moment because she has chosen to put a damper on the spotlight instead of focusing on taking care of her daughter.

However, it has certainly not been well received by all of Anne Gadegaard’s many fans that she stays away from red carpets, the singer reveals in her post.

In fact, she has been attacked by people who think her life is too boring.

“I read online that some wrote about my life and that they think it was boring because I only go to playgrounds,” she writes and continues:

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“But the life I live right now is exactly the life I want. I have chosen it to be like this and I certainly do not think it is boring. “

Anne Gadegaard further writes that she deliberately chooses TV programs and events because she would rather spend time with her daughter.

And she does not think she should be blamed for that decision:

“If you ask me, then it’s pretty boring to write online as an anonymous person to other anonymous people that another person’s life is boring. But that’s how we are so different. “

BT has been in contact with the singer, who says that she was initially upset to read that certain people would no longer follow her because they think her life is too boring.

“It hurt a little to read, as I never think it’s nice when people comment negatively around me,” she says and continues:

»But it also made me think, and I came to the conclusion that I myself have chosen this life with a daughter. I love spending my time with her while she’s little, and I absolutely do not think it’s boring. “

Anne Gadegaard also emphasizes that people like to think that her life is boring, because it does not change anything for her daily life.

»I think that they themselves must think that they have a very exciting life, but I think that it seems like a boring life if they, as anonymous people, spend their time writing about my life being boring. «

The singer finally points out that she would like people in general to have a more positive tone on the internet.

“Now I’ve been a familiar face since I was 11 years old, so you would almost think I was used to people commenting negatively about me, but unfortunately I probably never get used to that.”

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