Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine moved: the announcement of a baby in full "It’s up to you" !

Monday night live on France 5the program of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, “C to You”, was hit by several tremors. From the beginning of the program, one of the columnists was forced to leave the antenna, because of bad sore throats. Mohamed Bouhafsi who caught a cold while making a subject on Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes, on behalf of the public service, “went for treatment”. “He no longer has the right to speak until recovery ensues. We find him very soon I hope” let his boss know, when he was not returning to his post.

A little baby was born within the team of It’s up to you

And fortunately, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine tempered this bad news with another, very good one! She took the floor to detail live: “we learned this morning of the birth of Louve, whose mother is called Loriana Cartier. And she’s been a member of the C à vous team since the beginning (one of the show’s hairdressers, editor’s note)… So it’s been a long time! I hardly dare to calculate…

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And to add: “So, welcome to Louve! We kiss her mom and dad very hard”. A growing family for the mother, Loriana Cartier, who is already the mother of two children – a girl, Ella and a boy, Marlo. And it is also the largest family of “C à Vous” which has grown a little more, after this summer!

After the birth of Émilie Tran Nguyen’s son

Indeed, remember, on Friday June 10, 2022, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine had confided to viewers that another child had recently been born within her team. She then commented:Before starting this show, a nice piece of news. We learned of the birth this morning of a little boy, Pio, whose mother is called Émilie Tran Nguyen. So welcome to Pio! Congratulations to his parents and his big sister. We are very happy, and all our most affectionate thoughts for this lovely family.


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