Anne-Claire Coudray: what she did in the middle of TF1 news has something to upset Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut!

Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut and her children never fail to pay tribute to their dear husband and father who died just a year ago (March 2, 2022). And thank all those who accompany them in this most difficult mourning. This Saturday March 18, 2023, almost a year after the death of the famous presenter of the JT of TF1, this same channel broadcast a report on the city of Amiens. A city dear to the heart of the journalist who was a native of it and who decided to name his tourist office after him. Presenting the edition, Anne-Claire Coudray took the opportunity to slip in these tender words: “In Amiens, with the inauguration of the Jean-Pierre Pernaut tourist office, he who was so chauvinistic when it came to talking about the beauties of his hometown. Jean-Pierre who we miss every day, we kiss his wife Nathalie and his children”. A strong message that turned the presenter’s family upside down and relayed on Instagram by his daughter, Lou.

“Jean-Pierre wanted to come and settle in Amiens for his retirement, but I preferred the south, in the sun, we often laughed about it”

Two plates, one inside and one outside, engraved “Jean-Pierre Pernaut Tourist Office” now adorn this monument in Amiens. Between emotion and honor, the journalist’s family was present for this inauguration. According to our colleagues from France Bleu, Nathalie Marquay said: “We are very touched, Jean-Pierre wanted to come and settle in Amiens for his retirement, but I preferred the south, in the sun, we often laughed about it together”. Also in attendance were the four children of the famous journalist, the two youngest, Tom and Lou, also wanted to speak: “Our father often spoke to us about Amiens, and when we came to see the family, he showed us very beautiful places in the city”, Lou remembered. “It’s moving to see all these people from Amiens, my father seemed so close to all these people… I am moved to be here today”, Tom explained. Extremely rare, the two other eldest children of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and his first wife were also in the game. The former star presenter of the TF1 JT had already been married to a certain Dominique Bonnet, with whom he had his first two children, Julia and Olivier, born respectively in 1978 and 1981.

If these two small families have no animosity towards each other, they have hardly ever been seen together. Until this Saturday March 18 and a meeting in the heart of the city of Amiens to pay tribute to the man who counted so much in their lives.


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