Annabelle meets Terminator: “Conjuring” maker promises bloody horror in “M3GAN”

With “M3GAN”, producer James Wan wants to present fans with a new horror doll after Chucky and Annabelle, which will cause fear and terror.

We live in a time that supposedly does not correspond at all to the visions of the past: no flying cars, no robot butlers and no pizza hydrator. The future is now: one look at the device in your hands reading this says it all. If you had said in 1990 that in a few decades even children would be running around with smartphones, the yuppies would have gotten the sushi stuck in their throats from laughing.

Against the background of rapidly developing technology, artificial intelligence as a playmate is no longer a pipe dream of eccentric developers. At least as old as the desire for such robotic companions is the fear of the potentially unpredictable nature of these creatures. A fear that horror maestro James Wan hopes to feed with the upcoming horror film M3GAN.

In it, robotics engineer Gemma (Allison Williams) has to take care of her niece Cady (Violet McGraw) after a tragic incident. To help her get over the loss of her parents, she resorts to M3GAN, a sophisticated, high-tech doll whose purpose is to serve as a playmate for children while protecting/guarding them for their parents. The initially innocent friendship, however, quickly turns bloody serious when M3GAN implements their directive to protect Cady from all dangers by any means necessary. James Wan explains in an interview with what fans can imagine Empire:

“It’s like Annabelle meets Terminator. That gets out of hand very quickly. I’m fascinated by things that should be innocent but turn out to be…malicious.”

Wan should know, after all he has more than once resorted to the morbid fascination that a doll can evoke. Its comparison to Annabelle and the Terminator suggests – as the trailer already hinted – that “M3GAN” will not only be scary, but extremely brutal; Exactly what horror fans want. See for yourself in the trailer:

“M3GAN” author is a big Chucky fan

James Wan did not direct “M3GAN” himself, but co-wrote and produced the horror film with writer Akela Cooper (“Malignant”). The director was Gerard Johnstone, who drew attention to himself with the great “Housebound”, which you can currently stream at no additional cost with a Prime subscription and who will soon be the author of “Justice League Dark”. For Akela Cooper, it’s about getting to the bottom of children’s primal fears:

“My thing was ventriloquist dummies. I saw the Anthony Hopkins film ‘Magic’ at a very young age and it set the chills in my brain. I was also a big fan of ‘Chucky’. It has always been my dream to create an iconic monster myself.”

She might have succeeded along with Wan and Johnstone. The scene alone, in which M3GAN dances completely with an emotionless facial expression, causes pure goosebumps. So if the horror film is only half as crazy as the premise promises, horror fans can expect from the January 12, 2023 directly the first horror highlight of the new year.

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