‘Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil’, pre-sequel to ‘The Conjuring’, turns 5 years old; See trivia!

the franchise ‘Evil Summon’ is one of the most successful and beloved of the supernatural horror genre and, in addition to the main films, has a prequel focused on the terrifying doll known as Annabelle.

Despite the 2014 film not having the promised success, the second feature film, entitled ‘Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil’, would enter as one of the best chapters of the saga, built on a chilling and very convincing origin story. commanded by David F. Sandberg (‘When the Lights Go Out’), the story follows a doll maker and his wife who, after the tragic death of their daughter, welcome a nun and several girls from a closed orphanage into their home. Quickly, everyone saw Annabelle’s target, the possessed doll and one of the host’s creations.

Counting on names like Miranda Otto, Lulu Wilson, Grace Fulton, Talitha Bateman, Anthony LaPaglia and Stephanie Sigmanthe film had a solid reception from the specialized critics and made a big splash at the box office, earning more than US$306 million worldwide.

This month, the complete work five years since its official theatrical release, and to celebrate its anniversary, we’ve put together a short list of some backstage trivia.

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  • The film was associated with a controversial horror short film contest, in which the Warner Bros. would have the legal rights to the winner’s idea for three years (and have the option to develop a feature from it), in exchange for a measly compensatory payment of just $100plus the opportunity to meet Sandberg if he was available.
  • The main house was also used as Dolores’ house (Evan Rachel Wood) on the Serie ‘Westworld’.

  • This is the first film in the franchise. ‘Evil Summon’ in which Ed and Lorraine Warren, the occultists lived by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmigaare not mentioned anyway.
  • At first, Sandberg was reluctant to direct the film, as he was not very fond of horror sequels. He changed his mind when he realized he was going to do a solo prequel, without any obligations to connect it to the other iterations other than brief references.
  • Lou Lou Safranwho plays Tierney in the film, is the producer’s daughter Peter Safran. She would also appear in the sequel ‘Annabelle 3: Homecoming’but as a different character.

  • The music in the promotional trailer is an orchestral version of the theme song by ‘Attic Panic’a short film also directed by Sandberg.
  • At about 37 minutes, when Sister Charlotte (Sigman) shows Mr. Mullins (LaPaglia) the photo he has of Romania, Valak, demon antagonist of ‘The Nun’ (2018), can be seen in the darkness.
  • Originally, Ms. Mullins (Otto) would have more scenes in the film’s final act: after her violent death, her corpse would reanimate and become the main antagonist for the remainder of the story. Incidentally, Ms. Mullins would threaten Linda (Wilson) while she was at the sideboard and would attack the girls in the barn. However, in the reshoots, Otto’s role was replaced by a horned demon and the scarecrow, respectively.

  • The mask that Mrs. Mullins uses is very similar to the one we saw inside the Warrens’ cursed objects room in ‘Evil Summon’.
  • There’s a post-credits scene that shows Valek floating down a hallway. She is played by Bonnie Aaronsagain in an uncredited role.
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