Anna Wilken: Pregnant Anna Wilken is overwhelmed with good advice

How good that Anna Wilken is currently floating on baby cloud number seven. The former “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate is pregnant – and suddenly she can hardly save herself from worried fan advice.

Anna Wilken, 25, has been swimming on a wave of pure happiness since the beginning of November. After numerous setbacks, the ex-GNTM participant is finally in good hope. A pregnancy that was long in the stars: the young woman suffers from endometriosis. Not a good prerequisite for wanting to have children. But now Anna and her husband Sargis Adamyan, 28, are parents. And suddenly the personal miracle becomes a topic of public discussion.

Anna Wilken: Opinions differ when it comes to cinnamon

“Now we’re all calming down again,” writes the soon-to-be mom about her current Instagram story. She had previously posted a photo of her pancake sprinkled with cinnamon. Immediately she was told to first check carefully whether the spice should be consumed during pregnancy. The information was received that it was “stimulating and should be avoided in early pregnancy or pregnancy in general”. Other followers join the cinnamon skeptic, while others tolerated the powder made from the dried bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree during the time of joyful anticipation.

“I am being analyzed here as if you were the criminal investigation department”

“How could it be otherwise … Even then, opinions differ again,” commented Anna on the sudden flood of news. “It’s always like this: you can ask two people and get ten different opinions.” An experience that Anna probably shares with countless first mothers-to-be. And probably a development that was not only stimulated by social media. Affected women have probably received good information from their environment for centuries.

“In principle, I am really grateful for tips and I think they are all really nice,” Anna explains patiently, “but I am being analyzed here as if you were the criminal police and I were the greatest criminal of all,” she laughs. After all, the 25-year-old takes the slightly overbearing style of one or the other fan with humor. “I’m just pregnant, I’m enjoying it and I’m just getting to know myself,” she tries to raise awareness in her community, almost apologetically.

Trigger warning: The subject of miscarriage triggers emotions

On another topic, however, Anna is very clear and directs a serious word to the users: “I would be very grateful if you didn’t tell me about your miscarriages. Especially without a trigger warning,” she writes as a victim, and continues: “I myself know well enough that something like this exists and can happen. Still, I don’t want to be confronted with it all the time.”

Anna Wilken: Fans shower the pregnant model with well-intentioned tips


As early as May 2021, Anna explained in an interview with GALA that it is not always easy for her to deal with unsolicited opinions or even insults on Instagram. “I have moments when that burdens me too. It always depends on the comments. Something like ‘I hope you won’t have a child’, I won’t let me get in. Much more stressful are the messages that give me that Giving you the feeling that I am doing everything wrong. If I receive new tips every day, it implies that I have done everything wrong beforehand. And that is also not the right approach, because people do not know what I have already tried . “

At the time, Anna was alluding to her unsuccessful attempts to have a baby. Now she is finally pregnant – and yet the instructive comments persist. But as long as it’s only about cinnamon, the mom-to-be can laugh heartily about it. The happiness hormones keep the stress level in check.

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