Anna Wilken: Next intervention: Anna Wilken relies on new fertility treatment

For four years, Anna Wilken and her husband Sargis Adamyan have been trying to become parents through artificial insemination. Now the model has obtained another opinion abroad and is changing the previous treatment.

Four years full of hope, longing and pain lie behind Anna Wilken, 26. Hope to soon be able to hold your own child in your arms. And pain as she has already endured seven unsuccessful embryo transfers and two miscarriages. In March 2022 her last attempt failed. Now the model and her husband Sargis Adamyan, 28, are changing the method. In Belgium, the 26-year-old relies on a hormone-free treatment strategy.

Anna Wilken: “Back to ‘Nature’!”

At the beginning of May, the book author explained on Instagram what the past few weeks had looked like for her. “Since we are currently still in Belgium, we decided to get another opinion here,” says Wilken. The former GNTM candidate has been in treatment in Belgium, where her husband is currently under contract with FC Brugge, since the beginning of April this year. Now the next intervention, a PRP treatment, is imminent.

“The documents have been filled out and signed, the hospital bag will be packed tomorrow and then on Thursday it will start – off to the Kiwu Klinik here in Belgium […]”, said the 26-year-old two days before she went to the clinic. During PRP treatment, the “ovaries are activated by injecting a blood product from one’s own blood”. This is intended to stimulate the production of new eggs on the one hand and to thicken the lining of the uterus on the other. The surgery will take place on Thursday, May 12th.

Keep your fingers crossed that the procedure goes well so far and that my ovaries and uterus will soon feel young and fresh again.

Anna Wilken discontinues the hormone treatment

The influencer came to the PRP treatment through a conversation with her new doctor. After a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the 26-year-old received a concrete suggestion: “Back to ‘Nature’! We’ve already taken a few steps back and are now going again [an]. I’ll be honest, I’m exhausted from artificial insemination.”

Anna Wilken also reveals how things will continue after the operation: “After the operation, it’s time to do the ovulation tests and all without hormones.”

As Wilken further describes, the stimulation of the follicles lasts up to three months. These are weeks that the former GNTM candidate and her partner want to tackle in a relaxed manner. At the same time, these are weeks that give the two new hope and will shape them just like the last four years. As Anna clarifies on Mother’s Day, “All my love is in these little lights and our two star children.”

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