Anna Wilken: Happy eighth week of pregnancy

Anna Wilken
Joy about the eighth week of pregnancy

“I am and stay proud”: Anna Wilken is happy about her eighth week of pregnancy.

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She has been working on her desire to have children for a long time: Anna Wilken has now celebrated her eighth week of pregnancy with an Instagram post.

Model and influencer Anna Wilken (25) gave her Instagram followers an update on her pregnancy. “Yesterday I was in the 8th week, so today already 7 + 1”, she writes about a picture on which she holds a card with the inscription “8th week” in the camera. “How happy one can be about something like that can hardly be described! I am and will remain proud of all of this,” explains Wilken, and then describes some of the “symptoms” that the pregnancy brought with it.

The expectant mother suffers from fatigue

As before, she was “tired all the time, especially during the day. At night I sleep semi-well”. Also do her lower back what he wants and at times she has a pulling in the groin and abdomen. In addition, there is heartburn and sometimes a queasy feeling in the stomach. After all, she doesn’t have to vomit, added the model with a laughing emoji. Every now and then she is irritable, but she is “happy to accept all of this”, explains Wilken in conclusion.

Wilken and her husband Sargis Adamyan (28) have been trying for some time to use artificial insemination and insemination to fulfill their desire to have children. “I have already paid 30,000 euros to have children,” said Wilken, who suffers from endometriosis, in April 2021 of the “Bild” newspaper. At the beginning of November, the model finally announced his pregnancy on Instagram.

“In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. What should we say, the artificial insemination worked,” she wrote about several photos in which she showed her followers a positive pregnancy test. Afterwards, the former “GNTM” candidate thanked her fans for “that you hoped, feared and sympathized with us”.


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