Anna Wilken: Anna Wilken will contact you after the procedure

She doesn’t give up! Anna Wilken underwent another treatment in a fertility clinic in Belgium in order to get pregnant after all. After the procedure, she is now in touch with her fans.

Four years of hope and fear lie behind Anna Wilken, 26, and her husband Sargis Adamyan, 28. The couple desperately wants a baby. But all attempts to get pregnant through artificial insemination have so far failed. Now the former “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate is hoping for successful PRP treatment in Belgium. She underwent the procedure on May 12, 2022. Just one day later, she gives her Instagram community a first update.

Anna Wilken felt “knocked out” after the procedure

“Our #kiwu Journey (editor’s note: fertility journey) continued yesterday with a small surgery in Belgium and pretty much knocked me out. The painkillers meant it too well for me this time and unfortunately the pain too,” the model describes his condition after the treatment. “Yesterday a hysteroscopy was done, as well as a PRP treatment on my uterus and ovaries. With this, a rejuvenation takes place through autologous blood,” she explains to her posting from the hospital bed, the procedure that is supposed to increase her chances of pregnancy.

“It really wasn’t without it”

The former “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate suffers from endometriosis. The chronic disease involves benign, usually painful growths of tissue in the lining of the uterus. Many affected women have difficulty conceiving as a result. The hormone-free treatment strategy gives Anna hope again.

However, the operation took more away than she expected: “It really wasn’t without it on Thursday,” she admits in another update on her Instagram story on Saturday, May 14th. Nevertheless, everything went well: “The PRP treatment could be done in peace.” But there is one fly in the ointment: the doctors have apparently made a disconcerting discovery for Anna. “My uterus looked pretty good, except for the mucous membrane. There was actually inflammation there.” A new development that the model did not expect.

“What should be has to be”

“I’ve never had it,” explains the 26-year-old. “That’s why a biopsy was done, tissue was removed and I now have the great honor of taking antibiotics for the next 7 to 10 days, which I don’t feel like doing because I usually never tolerate it well. ” Nevertheless, Anna is as strong as usual. “What has to, has to,” she explains, making it clear that her journey to becoming a mom continues with hope.

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