Anna-Maria Zimmermann: Open words! That was the "toughest test" in her marriage

Anna-Maria Zimmermann has been married for seven years. In a podcast, the pop singer now reveals that her marriage was put to the test.

Anna-Maria Zimmermann, 33, and the chef Christian Tegeler said yes in January 2015. They live in the country with their two children and manage to combine their stressful everyday work with family life. The happy couple was put to the “toughest test” not too long ago, as Zimmermann now reveals in the podcast “But please with Schlager”.

Anna-Maria Zimmermann: “It was the toughest test we’ve had in our entire lives”

Anna-Maria Zimmermann makes no secret of the fact that the pandemic was a difficult time for her as an artist. Not being able to be on stage was “very hard” for her, as she told “Bunte” at the end of last year. Now the musician reveals that her marriage also suffered during the Corona period. “I think that was the toughest test we’ve had in our entire lives, […] because we both don’t know that we depend on each other 24/7,” says the singer in the podcast “But please with Schlager”.

There are couples who always do everything together, but that’s not how Anna-Maria and Christian tick, explains the 33-year-old. On the contrary: “We get along so well because we don’t see each other at all. That sounds totally stupid, but that’s just how we are.” The couple had always been used to seeing each other irregularly. Christian is very busy as a restaurateur and Anna-Maria gives concerts in different countries, often flies to Mallorca to perform at the Ballermann.

“It was a disaster”

“It’s a bit of living side by side. We know when we’ll have our vacations again and when we’ll be together as a family again. But we actually live past each other. That’s okay!” She continues. After the lockdown with their sons Matti, 4, and Sepp, 1, suddenly being at home all the time would have put a strain on the couple. Christian had to temporarily close his restaurants and Anna-Maria was not sure how her career would continue.

“We both panicked at once, we both had unbelievable worries,” she says. After a certain time, they avoided each other as much as possible so as not to drive themselves insane. “It was a disaster, it was really bad,” reports the former DSDS participant. She adds that after putting the kids to bed at night, she and her husband relaxed in separate rooms. Now Anna-Maria Zimmermann is happy that everyday work has returned to her life.

Source used: “But please with Schlager”


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