Anna-Maria Ferchichi: Appeal to her fans! That’s why she hardly posts any new pictures

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Anna-Maria Ferchichi: Appeal to her fans +++ Daniela Katzenberger sends fans a clear message +++ Reality star Sarah Joelle posts photos of her new partner for the first time.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

July 14, 2022

Anna-Maria Ferchichi: Urgent appeal to her fans

Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 40, regularly gives her fans an insight into her private life. In her Instagram story she reports daily about her everyday life with husband Bushido, 43, and their eight children. On the other hand, she rarely shares new pictures in her feed. That also has a reason, as she now reveals. “I actually never post pictures because I think it’s so bad how you always argue underneath,” she explains. In the past, followers would have attacked each other more often in the comment column.

“Why do you do this and why is the Internet so disgusting,” she continues to ask herself. Finally, she makes an urgent appeal to her community. “Even if someone writes something that you don’t like, then leave it alone,” says the 40-year-old, adding that she doesn’t want to offer a platform for negative comments. “I don’t think that’s so nice. Be nice to each other,” she sums up. Clear words from Anna-Maria Ferchichi.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi: That's why she rarely posts new pictures


July 13, 2022

Daniela Katzenberger sends fans a clear message

Repartee and Daniela Katzenberger, 35, are two terms that absolutely cannot be separated. The “cat” likes to say what it thinks – and doesn’t mince words. With her new Instagram post, she also hits the nerve of several of her two million followers.

Who likes Mondays? Certainly not Daniela Katzenberger. She demonstrates this with a nude black-and-white shot entitled “bears the “Monday symbol picture”, proof, on which she stretches her middle finger in the direction of laughing. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. In the comments, tearful emojis and voices immediately gather, celebrating the reality star for his likeable nature.

Sarah Joelle: She presents her new friend to her fans for the first time

Reality star Sarah Joelle, 32, has kept her love life public since her failed liaison with comedian Oliver Pocher, 44 – until now!

For the six-month relationship anniversary with her new, still unknown partner, Micaela Schäfer’s girlfriend, 38, posts a series of snapshots for the first time – and they make it appear that the two lovebirds have experienced a short but very intense time together. The pictures show the two with Sarah’s daughter Lia, 2, in various places – including in the mountains, in various warm destinations and at Disneyland. However, her loved one’s face remains covered. However, this fact does not seem to bother her fans. A user writes: “Nice that you are happy” and another comments “What you see looks good”.

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