Anna-Kathrine out of ‘The Baking Contest’ just before the final: ‘Honestly, I do not know why it became me’

Anna-Kathrine Dybtved fought to the last, but despite praise, she lost her apron just before the final.

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There was a bit missing finish in the secret challenge, but otherwise the judges sounded very pleased with her baked goods in Saturday’s semi-final of ‘The Great Baking Contest’.

But it was not enough to secure the 27-year-old Aarhus high school teacher a place in the final, and it was definitely her last round in the tent.

It was a decision she had not quite seen coming.

“To be perfectly honest, I do not quite know why it was me who smoked out. I did not think it was clear through the program that it was my turn, “says Anna-Kathrine Dybtved to BT prior to Saturday’s program.

According to the judges, there were also unusually close races between the last four participants and they had a hard time deciding due to the strong field of amateur bakers.

But in fact, it was also a huge relief for her to leave the baking competition, she says.

“It was really hard to be with. Of course, I wanted to go all the way and end up in the final, but I never thought I would reach the semifinals, so it was also okay not to go on, “says a still exhausted Anna-Kathrine Dybtved.

She felt that her ‘baking contest quota’ had been used up, and therefore it was also necessary that the day after her exit she could go glamping in Mols Bjerge with her boyfriend – a trip they had postponed for several weeks because she his own expectations kept moving forward in the program.

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Because even though she was praised by the judges, it is the criticism she remembers most clearly. She did not trust her own abilities and always thought there was something wrong with her cakes. But not right there in the semifinals where it really mattered.

“In terms of level, the semi-final was probably my best program at all, I didn’t get that much criticism, and I’m pretty proud of the things I did,” she says, emphasizing that she is generally proud of herself and grateful for the whole experience.

It was also a touched Anna-Kathrine Dybtved who hugged the other participants goodbye at the end of the episode. She generally finds it difficult to hide emotions, also in the program, where she has had to shed a tear several times.

Now it’s another feeling simmering in my stomach.

Because on Monday, she has to meet all her high school students who have diligently followed and cheered on her through the last many weeks. And she’s excited about how they’ll react.

“People have started to guess whether I will reach the final, because they hope I do. I’m so scared to disappoint them when they find out I have not moved on. “

Throughout the day, she is confronted with her participation in the program and asked if she will be this year’s winner.

Crazy ideas, colors and shapes - that's what has shaped Anna-Kathrine's pastries throughout the program, she says. & Nbsp;

Crazy ideas, colors and shapes – that’s what has shaped Anna-Kathrine’s baked goods throughout the program, she says.
Photo: DR

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It happens not only in high school but also when she is down shopping in the supermarket.

“It’s only positive experiences, but it has really occurred to me that people, for example, want selfies with me. But it’s really nice that they cheer on me, ”she says.

But Anna-Kathrine Dybtved does not expect that she will now have to make a living from baking, as some other former participants do today. She wants to be more active on her Instagram and, incidentally, seize the opportunities that come. But it is in front of the students in high school that she feels most comfortable, and it does not stop for the time being.

“I just still hope they think they have a cool teacher even though I did not make it to the finals,” she says with a laugh.

After her participation in the program, she was so saturated with cakes, both literally but also mentally, that she did not bake at all all summer.

Now she’s getting ready to find spring form and cake decorations again – for Saturday’s episode, she even recreated the cake from the secret challenge in program four, where there was a focus on colors and shapes.

Her absolute favorite cake throughout the program.

“With an extra touch of Anna-Kathrine this time,” she concludes.

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