Anna Hofbauer reveals: Son Leo is a proud big brother

Not only Anna Hofbauer (34) herself is longingly waiting for her offspring! Her husband Marc Barthel (32) and she are expecting her second child – and the former Bachelorette could hardly be happier about it. The pregnancy is already in its final stages, so it can’t be long before son Leo becomes a big brother. and annas Son can’t wait either!

“He’s always checking if the baby is awake, if it’s asleep, wants to feel every night. It’s super cute.”she gushed in the celebrity flash-Interview on the sidelines of Ernsting’s family fashion show in Hamburg. At almost three years old, Leo would understand that something was growing in her stomach. As ann When she told her firstborn about it, she didn’t remember exactly: “I think we just talked about it and said that there was a baby in mom’s stomach and he was going to be a big brother.”

annas The whole family is therefore full of anticipation for the offspring – but they are also a little concerned about the difficult birth of their first child. Leo was born four weeks early at the time. “It’s not fear, but it always resonates a bit. It’s in the back of your mind and you think: hopefully everything will go well this time.”she confessed celebrity flash.

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Anna Hofbauer at the Ernsting’s family fashion show, June 2022

Instagram / anna_hofbauer.official

Anna Hofbauer with her son Leo, July 2021

Instagram / anna_hofbauer.official

Anna Hofbauer with Marc Barthel in December 2020

Do you think Leo understands that he’s going to be a big brother?

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