Ann-Kathrin Götze: Ann-Kathrin Götze shares moving pictures of son Rome

Ann-Kathrin Gotze
So she shares heartbreaking images of Little Rome

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Ann-Kathrin Götze usually posts fashion photos or sugar-sweet pictures of Rome on Instagram. However, your current post shows a moving moment of your son – and the occasion is serious.

Based on her Instagram photos, one could almost think that the life of Ann-Kathrin Götze, 31, is perfect. But it is by no means! Because in her current article, the wife of professional footballer Mario Götze, 29, shares a rarely intimate moment with her son Rome shortly after the birth in June 2020, which was anything but smooth.

Ann-Kathrin Götze: Moving moments from Rome on a serious occasion

Ann-Kathrin Götze, 31, is enjoying her motherly happiness to the full. But Romi, as the influencer affectionately calls her child, had a bumpy start in life. He had to be brought into the world by emergency caesarean almost seven weeks too early, she revealed a few weeks after the birth.

Ann-Kathrin now shares two moving pictures on Instagram – presumably from the hospital – that show a small baby who still looks very vulnerable.

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Götze writes: “We have come a long way and today is a special day because today is World Premature Birth Day. Our little fighters came into this world to show everyone how strong they are.”

A second photo was hidden behind the picture. On it you can see: Rome’s current diaper size and his former mini-diaper, which shows very well how big and healthy Ann-Kathrin’s and Mario’s child has grown up.

Ann-Kathrin is “proud of her little fighter”

In her Instagram story, the model shares another heartbreaking shot. Here Rome was “33 weeks” old.

Ann-Kathrin Götze: That's why she shares heartbreaking images of Little Rome


Ann-Kathrin is “super proud of [ihren] little fighters “and adds:” We send to all mothers and fathers who are going through this these days [sie und ihr Mann Mario] Strength and love. “

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