Anitta reveals that she recommends ex-boyfriends to friends and quotes Pocah: ‘She’s married to one’

Anitta said that she recommends her ex-boyfriends to friends and mentioned the marriage of Pocah with Ronan Souza. “I’m friends with all the ex. I call my friends and point them out. I say ‘stay with this one who is mara’. They ask me why I broke up, and I say ‘because I’m crazy, but go,'” she said in the podcast by Virginia Fonseca and Camila Loures this Tuesday (23).

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“Sometimes I pick what suits me, but there’s another one who called me asking if I’d mind, and I said she had to get married. I even took a test and sent him ‘oh, that’s cute’, and he replied seriously with just a like”, he said.

Anitta had a lightning relationship with Ronan in early 2019: “I have a lot of girlfriends who date ex. Pocah is married to my ex, and they were at my house yesterday. If I wanted to be with the guy, it wouldn’t have ended.” .

Anitta returned to Brazil to fulfill her professional agenda and caused a stir on the web. The artist lives in the United States, where she is dedicated to an international career. The house where the funkeira spends the season abroad was purchased for 7.9 million at the time.

Anitta tells how family handles their short relationships

Anitta also related how the family handles their short romances. According to the “mighty one”, she falls in and out of love very easily.

“Whenever I introduce someone new, we make a bunch. Not in front of the boy. Sometimes they do it because they’re crazy. When it’s over, we see who won. I have to stop that. I fall in love and out of love very easily. It gives me a rancidity and any little thing I get agonized and I want to give up,” he explained.

Singer delivery affair with gringo waiter

In the chat, Anitta still had an affair with a gringo waiter. “It has to be a person with a cool vibe. Sometimes it’s a famous person who gets all wrong, especially outside, and that’s why I prefer to be with the waiter. I don’t put myself like ‘I’m an artist, come on even me.’

“When the person decided to come, I don’t want it anymore. This superior spirit gives me agony. I don’t put myself on a higher level. As people, we’re equal. I want the guy to treat me like a normal person, so I can’t keep demanding that he does extra things for me just because I’m famous, because I’m Anitta. If he wants to, I’ll go to his mother’s house and get in the old car. I don’t care,” she said.

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