Anitta ‘cries’ in video amid controversy with Zé Neto and Cristiano: ‘You have to go on with life’

Amid the controversy with Zé Neto and Cristiano, Anitta shared a video in which she appears with a sad face. But the footage is nothing more than a joke, as the expression is a filter of the Snapchat app and it’s been successful on the web. “When you have a difficult breakup, but you have to get on with life,” she joked in the publication’s caption.

In the comments, fans cited the beef involving the two artists, in which Anitta’s father got involved and exposed previous problems between them. “Why are you crying, Zé Neto and Cristiano?”, wrote an internet user. “Cry, haters!”, nudged another. “Number 1 crying after knowing that Zé Neto talked about her on the show”, declared another. “The debauchery of billions,” said yet another fan.

The controversy involving the two artists began after a speech by Zé Neto, which was understood as referring to Anitta. “We are not artists and we do not depend on Lei Rouanet. Our fee is paid by the people. We don’t need to get a tattoo on the toba to show if we are good or bad. We just come here and sing”, said Zé Neto. The reference to the singer – who reached Spotify’s Global top with “Envolver” – is due to the fact that Anitta got a tattoo around her anus last year.

Netizens recover controversies from Zé Neto and singer defends himself

After the video of the needling in Anitta circulated on the web, internet users recalled controversies of the sertanejo – who recently had oral candidiasis due to the use of electronic cigarettes (banned in Brazil). In one of the videos shared, Zé Neto assumes that he has had sex with animals, a practice known as zoophilia. “Zé had a time when he ‘eat’ a mare”, said the presenter of the interview. “Once I thought there was a climate going on and I started to be jealous of my classmates with her”, said the sertanejo.

IG columnist Gabriel Perline was direct: “The conservative countryman should be smart. There is a video of him having sex with a fan behind the stage, in addition to conversations in which he showed the “zézinho” by DM to some girls. All this happened after the birth of the 2nd child”.

In the comments of an Instagram profile, Zé Neto defended himself: “I didn’t mention anyone’s name, but the engagement is top. Get the hang of it. Sorry for not answering everyone, I have 23 shoes this month (most sold out). So, I’m going to rest here. Kisses, guys”.

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