Anitta and Filipe Ret live an affair with the rapper’s statement. Understand!

Anitta and Filipe Ret are living an affair. By all indications, the Explicit chemistry between the two in the video for “Tudo Nosso” crossed professional boundaries. The singer has not appeared with anyone since the end of her relationship with Murda Beatz. Filipe, on the other hand, has not taken on any relationship since the end of his marriage to Anna Estrela.

According to information from the newspaper Extra, Anitta promoted a party after her Carnival Rehearsal in Rio de Janeiro last weekend. The after took place on the roof of a hotel close to the event. Filipe Ret, one of the guest singers of the show, I was at the private party.

Also according to the newspaper, the singer asked one of the security guards to take Filipe to a room on the seventh floor of the hotel and then went. After a while, Anitta returned to the party, the singer did not.

Filipe Ret declares himself on social networks

Days after the test, Filipe Ret, who has already been involved in a controversy with a fan, made a statement on social networks. “I got a girl and got all the symptoms of being in love like I haven’t since I was a teenager. What a crazy thing,” he wrote. Apparently, the “mine” would be Anitta.

At the rehearsal in São Paulo, Filipe Ret’s ex was in the audience. After the show and the repercussion of the singers’ chemistry on stage, Anna unfollowed Anitta on social networks.

Lately, Filipe Ret has published dozens of photos alongside Anitta. In addition, the rapper was keen to show that he was watching the singer’s participation in “BBB 23”.

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