Animals Inspire Rosen The Derby Animal (Photos)

Animals inspire Rosen The animal for Sunday’s derby with “Levski”! The leader of CSKA fans is on a romantic adventure in Italy with his silicone partner Dari Kalcheva.

The two embarked on an adventure at the zoo safari and enjoyed the love of giraffes and zebras. In the open-air complex, the animal drives a car, and various animals peek out the window. The fierce-looking Rosen rarely smiles, but he really loves giraffes and zebras. He and Dari gently caress and feed them, posing for the selfie. Rosen’s nickname comes from his love of animals. He has kept different dogs for many years and cannot do without their warm tongues. He and Dari are currently raising a small puppy.

The animal enjoys the love of a zebra

Silicon Bambina has been with Rosen the Animal for many years and the two are now a family. They live together in a luxury complex at the foot of Vitosha Mountain with the little puppy. Rosen has a son from another relationship, while Dari has not yet become a mother. Before she became seriously involved with the Animal, she had an affair with football players.

The most famous connection was with the former CSKA midfielder Kosta Yanev. Darina also had an affair with the ex-goalkeeper of “Levski” and “Slavia” Stefano Kunchev. Ten years ago, the sex bomb became the first runner-up of the winner of the “Miss Silicon” contest. Dari is proud of its over 1,000 cubic meters of breast implants. She is pampered by Rosen the Animal with kind gestures, although the ultras are far from the most romantic people. The two regularly bounce to different destinations for lovers in Europe. They both love Italian food and restaurants and often enjoy the beauty of the Apennines.

Rosen and Dari are romantics

Rosen and Dari are romantics

The animal broke up with his first wife while in prison. He was lying down for participating in an organized drug distribution group. Shortly afterwards, the relationship with Darina began. Today, he stays away from the underworld and is more of a settled family man. On the other hand, his grown-up son was recently arrested on Eagle Bridge for attacking random citizens.

After the end of romance in Italy Rosen The Animal reads a battle in the stands of the stadium “Vasil Levski” on Sunday. As early as 7.30 am, on the day of the derby, 150 CSKA fans gather at the “Army”. They have to arrange the choreography in sector “D” of the stadium, and what exactly it will be is kept a secret. For her, the ultras themselves raised over BGN 20,000. Fans will be closely monitored by the police, and special attention will be paid to the import of pyrotechnics. On Sunday, Sofia will be virtually blocked due to the match, for which all 35,000 tickets have already been purchased. The uniformed officers will create buffer zones in the capital so that the two agitators cannot detect each other and come into conflict with each other.

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