Ani Salich and Tsatsarov lived together in a new home (Photo)

Ani Salic recently got a new home season. She revealed this herself, posting a photo of the house where she currently lives. The footage shows that the property has a nice view and a yard where the journalist relaxes growing flowers, wrote “Retro”.

Observant users of the social network Facebook noticed that the interior of Salich’s new home had nothing to do with that of the prefabricated house in which she lived until recently in the Pernik village of Rudartsi. Now Ani has opted for more luxurious and stylish furniture, and the colors she has combined are in the neutral ranges – white, gray, beige and black.

The news anchor on Nova TV does not reveal the location of her new home, as she has recently kept her private life to herself. Especially since he is on the wings of love again.

It is no secret that for about a year the journalist has had a love affair with the former chief prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov, who, after retiring from KPKONPI, headed a department in the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office. Ani, 53, and Tsatsarov, 55, have known each other professionally for a long time, but their relationship has recently flared up. In the first month, their relationship was kept very discreet. The TV presenter and the former chief prosecutor apparently no longer bother to appear in public together, as they were on a romantic sea holiday on the southern Black Sea coast in early June.

Ani divorced her ex-husband and the father of their two children – the TV producer Branko Salic 5 years ago. Despite the drama surrounding their separation, the two are on good terms. The journalist’s children also accept the choice of their mother and the new man next to her.

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