Angry with her husband, she cuts his testicles with a chainsaw before cooking them

Teresa Peric, 46, is accused of cutting off her husband’s testicles with a chainsaw before pan-frying them. The suspect also allegedly drugged her husband before stabbing him to death. She then allegedly cut the corpse into pieces and boiled the remains in a saucepan in front of her daughter, reports the Daily Star.

A crime committed in front of his daughter

The facts would have taken place in Serbia this Tuesday, May 10, 2022 around 9 p.m. According to information from our colleagues, the teenager, daughter of Teresa Peric born from a previous marriage, would have confided that her stepfather, Srdjan Peric, 42, had opened his eyes when his wife struck him the first stab. In shock, the young girl would then have tried to warn her brother before hearing her mother start the chainsaw.

According to him, his mother had already told him of her desire to murder his companion. Neighbors reported that the couple kept arguing. A few days before the tragedy, Teresa had tried to take action by setting fire to the marital bed. They had been a couple for 2 years. Two years during which Srdjan Peric would have spent a month in police custody because of his partner.

Prohibited from approaching his wife, the two lovers had finally made the decision to ignore the judge’s decision. Our colleagues specify that Teresa Peric and her husband were taking medication in connection with mental health problems. For her part, the mother of the family regularly consumed illicit substances. Arrested by the police, the latter was indicted. For the moment, no additional details have been given as to his audience.


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