Angelina Jolie had a body recreated by special effects in all scenes of "eternal", says expert

Matt Aitken, film special effects supervisor eternal, revealed that the body of Angelina Jolie was recreated in every scene where he appears in a superhero outfit in production.

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During website interview Comic Book, Matt says that the actress’s body was remade with CGI (computer generated digital effect): “Thena, when she’s in her superhero costume, it’s always entirely CG, from the neck down.”

“The costume design changed in post-production making her body look that iconic. They cast Angelina Jolie for a reason, and part of that is she has a way of moving, which is almost like a dancer. with the digital component of the performance, added to capturing her face and getting that authenticity,” he said.

In addition to Jolie, the supervisor also commented on Harry Styles having been retouched after a last-minute change in her look. The singer appeared in only one scene in the film. The special effects are possible to be noticed in moments when Angelina does not reproduce fight scenes. The outfit appears more fitted to the body, making it look more curvaceous.

The star plays Thena, member and excellent fighter of the team responsible for defending humans, ensuring their evolution. The production is currently being shown in movie theaters across Brazil.

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