Angèle: the singer forgets to close her Chanel top … and reveals a lot (too much)?

Classic, femme fatale, casual, tomboy, sportswear or sexy attitude, the singer knows how to attract attention in all ways by surprising her audience. A taste for all kinds of fashion that Angela has proven by becoming the face of Channel’s COCO BEACH line, and which she also puts forward in her latest clip.

On December 10, “Ninety five”, the singer’s new album, was released. Inside, the title “Bruxelles je t’aime”, accompanied by a unique clip, which caused a sensation on the Web. And for good reason, in this one, Angèle connects the outfits as the clip progresses. Crazy and trendy outfits for the new fall-winter season, like her chick yellow ensemble that she shared on her Instagram account. It is in a train making Paris-Brussels that the singer poses in front of the camera through each wagon. His favorite? The one where it shines in the colors of the sun. Sleeveless tight top, leather mini-skirt and thigh-high boots, all in a sparkling yellow matching perfectly with her blonde hair, the young woman seduces Internet users.

But the train is not the only place in which Angèle offers to surprise her fans. This Sunday, January 9, galette day, the pretty blonde surprised her subscribers by posting a photo of her, sitting, straight as a stake in front of a mirror, wearing black jeans and a small waistcoat. A small orange vest completely open. Underneath, Angèle was not wearing anything and therefore left more than a glimpse of her chest. But as usual, the latter accompanied this sexy photo with a photo of her in bad shape, because of her toothache … Enough to make Internet users laugh!

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