Angela da Mondello of “there is no Coviddi” is positive for the virus and hospitalized: “Karma? I’ve read so many bad things “

Just she who rose to the fore with the catchphrase “there is no Coviddi” with which she denied the strength of the virus that for more than two years has kept the whole world in check, now not only has it been positive for the second time , but she was also hospitalized. We are talking about Angela of Mondelloreal name Angela Chianello: “There is none Coviddi, in Palermo there is no Coviddi ”, he said during the hot Sicilian summer of 2020 in connection with the broadcast by Barbara D’Urso. The first lockdown had just ended, but for Angela Covid-19 it had never existed. Between sun, sea, games and gatherings, “There is no Coviddi” had become the smash of the Italian summer.

In October of the same year, however, the lady had changed his mind and recorded, on the sofa at home, a video of repentance: “Guys, I must tell you: it is not true that there is no coviddi. There is indeed. At first we joked and laughed. I also said that sentence maybe wrong, but with everyone throwing stones at me. And oh well. But now please use all possible precautions. Wear the mask “. A call to respect the rules at the dawn of the second wave. Since then, nothing had been heard of her. Meanwhile, Angela she was vaccinated. Then, in January 2021, ironically, he had contracted the virus.

Today it’s positive again, hospitalized in the hospital. She herself told it through her Instagram profile: “Guys, I am a positive hospitalized at Covid. Thanks everyone for the thought. I only wanted to say two little words, also because I don’t have the strength for more. I have read so many bad things, even that karma exists. It’s true, in the end I have Covid: luckily it can be cured, but from the diseases that you have no. I’ll come back stronger than before “. A direct and pungent message to the haters and the proof that, sick or not, Mrs. Angela always shows great personality.

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