Ángela Aguilar with long hair: the singer’s radical change of look

Throughout our lives it is normal that we have changes in our appearance and the singer Angela Aguilar It is the clear and most recent example of this in Mexican entertainment. The artist, who has always presented herself with short hair, looked totally different in a video uploaded to her account. TikTok.

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After several months away from the Asian social network, the young singer returned to publish a video with the aim of delighting her fans and also leaving them speechless due to her lush hair that she now wears with great pride and that could mark a before and a later in his life and professional career.

Another detail to take into account regarding her new appearance is that she also put aside her straight hair and now uses it a little wavy, especially on the ends. Do you like its new look?

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In your account TikTok She has just published a video after more than eight months, in which she is seen with very long hair, which has been something that she highlighted in the description of the publication in an ironic and funny way.

“Hello TikTok, I missed you. I even grew my hair from so long that has passed. PS: I’m terrible at these dances “, wrote Angela Aguilar.


Hello TikTok, I missed you. I even grew my hair from so much time that has passed 😜😂 ps I’m terrible at these dances hahahaha 💗

♬ The Little Plane – Giblack

His video generated so much expectation among his followers and other users because, in just over a day, he has accumulated more than 6 million views, becoming one of the most viral publications in all of Mexico at the moment.

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Although he left many stunned on his TikTok account by his change of look and his long hair, that was not the first time that he was seen like this, since on Instagram he was active and showed that change for a long time now. good weather.

The first time that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter published a photograph with her long hair was about two weeks ago, before Christmas, so he received the end of the year parties with his family and his new appearance.

Ángela Aguilar surprised her fans with a new look, in which she is seen with long hair. (Photo: Ángela Aguilar / Instagram).

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