Ángela Aguilar: the story behind “Ella qué te gave”, her new song with Jesse and Joy

Determined to continue demonstrating the musical talent she inherited from her family, the singer Angela Aguilar, daughter of the renowned artist of the regional music of Mexico, Pepe Aguilar, released her new song with the duo Jesse and Joy, surprising her thousands of followers and fans. The song is entitled “She what gave you” and can now be seen on digital platforms.

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The youngest of the Aguilar dynasty has managed to captivate thousands of people with her music and this can be seen reflected in the large number of reproductions of her hits on the various virtual platforms.

Yes OK Angela Aguilar She comes from a family where her grandfather, father and brothers are singers, she also showed from a very young age that she had a great talent for singing and this was demonstrated by singing different songs during the presentations of her father and grandfather when they toured Latin America. .

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Over time, he became a star of regional music in Mexico and on March 2, 2018 he released his first solo album called “Primero soy Mexicana”, a title inspired by his grandmother’s first film. Wild flower.


The new song of Angela Aguilar is named “What did she give you”. This success was released at 00:00 hours on November 19 and with which he hopes to continue reaping more achievements as part of his professional career in the world of music.

What also caught the attention of her fans is that in this song she appears accompanied by the duo Jesse and Joy who have also been recognized worldwide for hits such as “Corre”, “La de la mala luck”, “Ya no quiero”, among others.

The song “What did she give you“Is a theme of the pop genre that fused with touches of regional music from Mexico and is included in the album” Mexicana enamorada “, where there are also hits such as” In reality, I do not know “,” There where they see me “and “Tell me how you want.”


In the video of the song that was uploaded to YouTube you can see the duo Jesse y Joy next to Angela Aguilar on the recording set demonstrating his great talent for singing.

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The video for the song tells the heartbreak story of a young couple who were very much in love before the arrival of a third person.


Angela Aguilar Not only did he surprise his thousands of fans with the launch of his new song, but he also did so during his presentation at the awards ceremony of the Latin Grammy 2021 held on November 18.

On stage, together with Mateo Bocelli, they were in charge of announcing who would win the Best New Artist award.


Hours before the premiere of “What did she give you”, Angela Aguilar used his social media to make this announcement. Social networks were quickly flooded with positive comments and congratulations towards the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty.

For now, the video has more than 700 thousand views on the YouTube platform and more than 45 thousand “likes”.

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