Ángel de Brito would be confirmed for Telefe: when does his program start and who will accompany him

The output of Angel De Brito from The thirteen after many years of success with “The angels of the morning” It was one of the most surprising news of the year. As reported DiarioShow.com, the journalist left the channel on December 30 due to the bad relationship between the channel and the producer Mandarina, and quickly came the proposal of Telefe, which would be about to be confirmed with a start date and everything for a new show program.

While also waiting for the confirmation of the arrival of Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares to replace De Brito At noon on El Trece, they also move chips on their adversary channel. The idea of ​​El Trece was to convince Ángel to stay with them and they even offered him a millionaire figure to convince him.

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The last photo of “Los Angeles de la Mañana” with Ángel de Brito and his little angels.

However, the host wanted to be faithful to Mandarina, the producer of “Los Angeles de la Mañana” and wants to continue working with them. For this reason, when Mandarina cut ties with El Trece after several unsuccessful problems -such as that of Mariana Fabbiani-Telefe, which leads the air grid, wants to continue up and, neither slow nor lazy, they contacted the company to tempt De Brito, a figure that everyone wants to have.

In the last hours, Marina Calabró He said on Radio Miter that Ángel de Brito’s contract with Telefe is practically a fact and he assured that it would start on March 1 with a new cycle, although it is believed that it would be very similar to the “LAM” format.

Meanwhile, the journalist Leo Arias from Chronicle HD added on Twitter: “They are already calling people. It would not be called LAM, three members of the previous panel will be present. We will see the rest.”

It is worth remembering that Maite Peñoñori She started working on Intruders so she’s obviously out. As told Yanina Latorre, she would follow the animator anywhere, so she is expected to be alongside him in this new challenge.

In the last stage the panelists were with Ángel Pia Shaw, Andrea Taboada, Cinthia Fernández (now airing as a panelist for “Nosotros a la Mañana”) and Mariana Brey. Who will be chosen?

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