Android: never write this code on your smartphone

The operating system Android It allows us to view certain security aspects of a device just by entering a code in the Phone app. There are sequences that allow us to know the IMEI series of the equipment, others allow us to clean the cache memory and some can be harmful to the data stored in the mobile.

The portal has discovered a number sequence that performs the factory reset of the Android device. You just have to dial the code in the phone app and in this way the process will begin, which eliminates all the information stored in the phone’s internal memory, including the software that regulates the operation of the cell phone’s components.

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Although there are numerical and sign combinations that help us verify security aspects of an Android device, there are also codes that can be harmful to the information contained in the device.

If the code is entered *2767*2855# in the phone application, we will start a factory reset of the device, which will not be able to be stopped and will delete all the information it contains.

In case your device has been infected by malware and you need to restore your device to factory settings, you can use this number sequence. From Mag El Comercio we recommend making a backup of your information, before executing said command.

The firmware installed on the Android device will be removed if we run the secret code. Photo: Unsplash / Composition Mag El Comercio

How to enable automatic app update on Android

  • First, go to the Google Play Store Android and touch on the icon of your profile picture that is in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, go to “Manage device and apps”.
  • Here you will see how many updates you have pending and the use of gigabytes that you have consumed from the storage. If you want you can do it manually, otherwise do the following.
  • Go back to Google Play and press your profile picture again > “Settings” or “Settings” > “Network preferences”.
  • Then, click on the section called “Automatic update of apps”.
  • Choose if you want Android Update apps over any network (including mobile data on) or only when connected to Wi-Fi.

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