Andrey wins “Games of Will”


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14 November 2021, 19:00

Andrei Gridin won the third season of the reality show “Games of Will”, sources from the production told Weekend. The filming of the show ended a long time ago, and the winner is again decided in the arena, not by spectator vote.The final battle took place months ago, and it is now clear who won the sum of BGN 100,000. This is the 32-year-old emigrant from Kazakhstan, our informants claim. The fact is that he performs best in the next, not yet broadcast, episodes of the competition. Although he is one of the most successful ultra-marathoners of his country, which he represents at the Sochi Olympics, Andrei claims that he left his homeland because he did not like “the games and machinations in sports and how he is run” in Kazakhstan. In Bulgaria, in general, he liked it more.At the beginning of the show, Andrei was silent and preferred to listen and watch rather than talk. He said that the affairs of the arena were more important than the talk of the table. He has become a little more talkative lately, but his behavior is often misunderstood by his teammates.Some time ago Georgi Rabuhchiev from the team of “Adventurers” revealed that the show will be won by a woman. The man admitted to his native fitness vlogger Georgi Shishkov that he could be fined BGN 30,000 for revealing who the winner was. At the beginning, everyone was tied to Rabuhchiev and took his words for granted, but in fact it was probably a clever strategy and he wanted to mislead viewers and fans of the show. “He has to be crazy to tell who wins. They can fine him more than salty from the production and it will not be possible to repay them for years “, other participants commented.In 2019, Dobrin won the first season of “Games of Will”. Then the audience vote determined the big winner, who grabbed the grand prize of BGN 200,000. The second season of the show already had new rules and a prize. The winner was decided in the arena, not by the spectators, and the prize was halved – BGN 100,000, as it has been so far.The clinical trial manager won last year’s reality show. This year the rules are the same as they were last season and most likely Andrey will leave with the big prize.As “Weekend” wrote, the rating of “Games of Will” this year is a record high. The show finally managed to beat its competitor “The Farm”, which registered one of its weakest seasons. It is questionable whether next year the show will be aired on BTV at all.

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