Andrew Garfield says the Amazing Spider-Man was canceled after his suggestion of a bisexual Peter Parker

In the last few months Andrew Garfield It did not stop being on everyone’s lips. This is because, without even being confirmed by Marvel, the actor became one of the protagonists of Spider-Man: No Way Home. According to various theories and speculations, the former Peter Parker will return to Tom Holland’s last film thus creating the first spiderverse in the MCU since Tobey Maguire would also return.

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Yet amid all the rumors, Andrew Garfield has its head set on other projects. Is that, a few days ago, the artist premiered the musical Tick, tick, boom by Netflix which is already a success on the platform. Of course, whenever you try to disengage completely from speculations about Spider-Man: No Way Home He is again consulted about his possible appearance, despite the fact that more than once he was in charge of denying his return.

But now, in a recent interview Andrew Garfield has gone for more talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2012, long before the arrival of Tom Holland, the actor starred in the saga The Amazing Spider-Man, which was the only one of the three versions of the wall-crawler that had only two films. At first it was believed that the reason for this was the bad reviews that both tapes received at the time of their release, but the truth is that the actor is sure that this was not the reason.

As Garfield himself confessed in an interview with The Independent he is not convinced that the end of The Amazing Spider-Man has been given for not obtaining the expected results. Apparently, from what he believes, Sony and Marvel decided to archive the third script of the saga for the simple fact that he made a proposal that they did not like. The actor is convinced that his relationship with the team deteriorated when he proposed a more inclusive Peter Parker.

I mean, in simpler words, Andrew wanted the protagonist to be bisexual. And when he was denied, he felt that he was not allowed to engage creatively with the character. In addition, among other things, he stated that he was forced to retract after confessing, at the time, his wishes in a public interview. “I did not feel represented”, The actor began by explaining to the aforementioned portal.

Then he added: “There was an interview where I said, ‘why can’t Peter explore his bisexuality in his next movie? Why can’t her MJ be a boy? ‘ Then they put a lot of pressure on me to retract and apologize for saying something that is legitimate to think and feel.”. And, after this episode, his participation as Spider-Man ended and, just a few years later, Tom Holland arrived at the studio to impersonate him.

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