Andressa Urach’s mother gives a new version to the outbreak and detonates the ex-model’s husband: ‘Lied’

Andressa Urach’s admission to a psychiatric hospital won another chapter this Sunday (13). After the ex-model’s then husband revealed that Andressa freaked out and tried to send their 9-month-old son, Leon, to sacrificethe influencer’s mother denied him.

On her social network, Marisete De Faveri wrote: “It’s easy to say that she freaked out… It’s difficult for you to speak the truth! That she freaked out because you lied, deceived and played with her. When you’re going to give your version, tell her the reason too”.

In addition to this very direct message on the subject, other posts by Marisete suggest that they are indirect for Thiago Lopes. “Don’t trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar,” he wrote in one. “Attitudes, because even parrots can talk,” said another.

Mother had already warned about Andressa Urach’s health condition

5 days ago, Marisete De Faveri used her Instagram to talk about her daughter’s removal, banned by Record from participating in a program that preceded the start of “A Fazenda 2022”: “Businesswoman Andressa Urach, through her family members, to inform the public of her temporary medically determined removal from her professional activities, due to a health issue, which at this time requires full attention. .

The statement also asked for prayers from fans, friends and followers, but did not say the real reason for the departure of the influencer, who owns a beauty salon.

Husband filed for divorce and custody of Andressa Urach’s son

During the recording of the video published on his YouTube channel, Thiago Lopes, who had already been presented with a luxury car by his wife, said that in addition to the psychotic break that Andressa Urach had in recent days, the businesswoman also suffered from constant borderline crises. Thiago explained that this ended their marriage.

“Unfortunately, I can’t fight alone. I fought for two years, I forgave what most people wouldn’t forgive, but unfortunately my marriage came to an end because of a psychiatric illness”, he warned. And he pointed out, “I’m filing a divorce action, with a request for custody of Leon, for logical reasons.”

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