Andressa Urach’s mother comments on her daughter’s hospitalization and criticizes her son-in-law: "It’s hard for you to speak the truth"

Thiago Lopeshusband of Andressa Urach, surprised the public over the weekend by announcing that the former model has been hospitalized for two weeks after having a psychotic break at home and, according to him, putting the life of the couple’s son, Leon, at risk. However, Andressa’s mother, Marisete De Faveridid not like the boy’s lines.

In her Instagram profile, Marisete criticized her son-in-law and indicated that there are parts of the story told by him that have not been made public. “It’s easy to say that she freaked out… It’s hard for you to tell the truth! That she freaked out because you lied, cheated and played with her. When you give your version, tell me why too”, she complained.

Yesterday (11/13), Thiago published a video on his YouTube channel where he said that Andressa needed to be admitted to the psychiatric ward of a hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, where the couple lives, due to the psychological problems they have been facing. “She’s in the psychiatric ward of a hospital because she had a ‘mystical psychotic delusion’, that’s what the doctor said as soon as she got her. It’s not a diagnosis. She was still somewhat disconnected from reality,” he reported.

Then, Thiago gave information about Andressa’s state of health. “Two days ago I spoke with the doctor again, she still doesn’t have a diagnosis. She reported an episode that happened to Andressa, they are administering the medications and [ela] there is no forecast for discharge. In addition to the borderline that Andressa was diagnosed with, these other situations arose. A final word is missing from the medical team to know what it is about, “she reported.

Then, Thiago explained the moment of Andressa’s psychotic break and how she put the couple’s son at risk. “On Saturday night, Andressa had a psychotic break here at home, it was a very frightening episode. It even put Leon’s life at risk, mine and my mother’s. During the outbreak she even said that Leon it would be Isaac [da Bíblia], that I offer Leon as a sacrifice. These are disconnected from reality. There were a lot of scary things that are sad to talk about.”

Thiago Lopes also said that he filed for divorce and requested custody of Leon. “With the borderline it was already difficult. Now, with these new problems that have arisen, it is impossible to maintain the marriage. It is not possible to fight alone. I fought for two years, I forgave what most would not forgive, but unfortunately my marriage came to an end for a psychiatric illness”, he concluded.

Andressa’s last post on social networks was on October 27, more than two weeks ago. The lack was felt by followers of the former model, known nationally for her participation in the sixth edition of “The farm”from RecordTV.

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