Andressa Urach reveals drama after ex-husband asks for child custody in court: ’20 days away’

Andressa Urach left the psychiatric clinic where she was hospitalized since you had a psychotic break reported on social media by her then husband, Thiago Lopes. Accompanied by her mother, who defended her against Thiago’s accusations, Andressa explained that she could not use the web much due to medical recommendations. But she took the opportunity to thank her fans and friends.

In a post, the businesswoman, owner of a beauty salon, revealed that she was still estranged from her youngest son, Leon, fruit of her relationship with Thiago. “I miss my Leon, 20 days away from him!”, lamented. In an outburst, Andressa asked: “Put us in your prayers. I pray for you and you pray for me?! Lord Jesus is in front of everything! And I know that everything cooperates for the good of those who love God!”

After stating that, during the outbreak, Andressa wanted to offer her son in sacrifice, Thiago warned that he would ask for custody of the boy from Justice. And he announced that he, too, was divorcing the former model. “I’m filing a divorce action, with a request for custody of Leon, for logical reasons,” he said.

And he added: “Unfortunately, I can’t fight alone. I fought for two years, I forgave what most people wouldn’t forgive, but unfortunately my marriage came to an end because of a psychiatric illness.”

Andressa Urach receives support on the web

After the outburst, framed by photos of her son, Andressa received support from many internet users, who criticized the influencer’s ex-husband’s attitude. “He will come back to you. Trust!”, Said a follower. “Absurd what this guy is doing to you and your son,” lamented an internet user. “That must hurt, being away from your son and being despised by those who should be helping,” one fan opined. “Only those who don’t have the heart to keep a child away from a mother”, said another.

Andressa Urach’s mother and ex-husband comforted each other

When Andressa was still hospitalized, the businesswoman’s mother, Marisete, and Thiago Lopes, her ex-husband, confronted each other with contradictory opinions about the artist’s state of health.

Marisete stated that Thiago did not let Andressa take the medication prescribed by the doctors. “Thiago thinks it’s just laziness,” she said. And he assured that the hospitalization of the model was decided without him consulting the family.

Thiago, on the other hand, stated that Andressa’s mother was negligent in caring for her daughter’s mental health. “Guess who didn’t let Andressa go through the treatment and hospitalization? That’s why she came to freak out here at home putting my son’s life at risk. How irresponsible of a mother!”, he fired.

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