Andressa Urach: after psychotic break, health status of former Miss Bumbum is updated. Know details

Andressa Urach remains hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic after an episode of psychotic break. After being hit by the model’s mother, her husband, Thiago Lopesreturned to the web to update fans on the state of health of the eternal Miss Butt🇧🇷 The two are parents to little Leon, 9 months old.

“I talk to Andressa every day. She is aware of the information I passed on her. Every phone call I make, she’s getting better. I am not completely isolated from Andressa or her mother. We talk all the time”, guaranteed Leon.

Although he is separated from Andressa, Thiago guarantees that he will remain close to his ex-wife. “We are going to get along well, even though we are not together, because of our son, Leon”, he said.


After accusing Andressa of wanting to sacrifice her own son during the outbreak, Thiago gave more details about the episode and denied that it was related to the model’s mental health problems.

“I didn’t do anything to Andressa. I was on vacation in the US, at my sister’s house. When I got home, I got the news that something had happened to Andressa in Porto Alegre, that she was freaking out about this delirium. When dawn broke, I went to her mother’s house to pick her up, and we returned home in the late afternoon. And at midnight, Andressa’s delirium began, which was the whole story I related“, reported.

Thiago also refuted the accusations that he was responsible for committing Andressa. 🇧🇷About hospitalization, who decides to hospitalize, it’s not me. It is the doctors who analyze this“, said.

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