Andressa Suita combines transparency with a monochromatic look in SPFW. Photos!

Andressa Suita chose a look with transparent button-down shirt and pink set to watch a parade of São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), an event that brought together several famous people, such as Luciano Szafir.

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The pants, which were wide-mouthed, tended to be tailoring, a style loved by the model. The piece costs a total of R$1,410, while the cropped costs R$895. The set, as well as the blouse, which is out of stock, was signed by stylist Airon Martin, responsible for the design of the Misci store. The influencer used the look just to watch the brand’s fashion show.

Suita chose a front row seat, facing the runway, and filmed when Sasha Meneghel entered the scene. Xuxa’s daughter was invited by Airon to be part of the modeling team at the event, and she wore two looks: one with a coconut-shaped top. Andressa watched from start to finish.

“Despite not being tall, I have always been a photographic model. I’ve been living the fashion world since my childhood and I have been falling more and more in love”, assured Suita in a conversation with the magazine “Marie Claire”.

About Misci, Andressa assured that the clothes impressed her. “It’s a brand I didn’t know, and I’m loving it,” he explained backstage. “I love tailoring, it has everything to do with me. Those cutouts and transparencies too. It’s my face!”, he evaluated.

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