Andressa Suita combines an all white tailoring set with a blue luxury bag. To the details!

Look by Andressa Suita has a high waist with a styling trick for comfort

In addition to the luxury bag, the girl from Goiás used the set of the national brand Charth. With a high waist, the wide pants enhanced Andressa’s defined abdomen. All in lastex waistband, the garment is comfortable and leaves an elegant look on days with high temperature.

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A cropped blazer and a spaghetti strap top with a straight neckline completed the outfit. “This set is super versatile, timeless and full of attitude! People, what about that color?! So soft, beautiful… I loved it and you?”, asked Andressa Suita in the caption.

Andressa Suita defines style as ‘stripped and casual’

In a recent interview with Purepeople, the influencer pointed out that she defines her style as “stripped and, at the same time, casual”. Mother of Gabriel and Samuel, aged 4 and 3, respectively, she points out that the two boys have personality when it comes to dressing.

“They already choose practically what they want to wear. And a lot of people think I like to wear them the same, but no, they say they want the same clothes, laughs. I think it’s beautiful about them, connection of brothers”, points out the woman from Gusttavo Lima.

Brunette since a radical transformation for over a year, Andressa did not notice the impact of hair color in her productions. “I believe I kept the same pieces in the closet. Things I really like and use,” he pondered.

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