Andressa Miranda apologizes after controversy over autism: "got it wrong"

Recently, the digital influencer Andressa Mirandawife of actor and councilor Thammy Mirandabecame involved in a controversy on Instagram and had to apologize to followers and fans after being massacred for her controversial speech.

It all started when she opened a question box on the social network and was asked about the degree of autism her son with the councilor, the little bento. She, angry, ended up giving a cross answer to the internet user, saying that her son was not autistic and guaranteed that he was a “perfect” child.

His speech ended up having negative repercussions, especially among those responsible for autistic children. To a large number of her followers, the influencer’s speech made it seem that people with autism spectrum disorder are not perfect, which resulted in several criticisms.

Andressa went to her Instagram Stories to apologize, still saying that she didn’t mean to offend anyone. “I was reading some comments and saw that it was wrong for me to say that my son is perfect. If I offended any autistic mother, I want to apologize and say that this was not my intention, with all my heart. I never meant to offend any mother”, said the influencer.

“The comment I made about my son being perfect is that, for me, in the eyes of any mother, any son is perfect. And if Bento was, or if he is autistic, he will continue to be perfect for me,” he said. she, who still showed some offensive messages she usually receives about her son and family.

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