Andrés Wiese shared a mysterious message on Instagram after being related to Janick Maceta

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Andrés Wiese and Janick Maceta have been romantically related thanks to the coincidences in their publications on social networks and their “likes” on Instagram, but so far neither of them has confirmed that they have started a romance.

However, speculations of a possible romance between the two gain more force and a mysterious message shared on Instagram by the actor who gave life to the remembered ‘Ricolás’ in “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”, these rumors have increased.

“We all have the right to start over”Wiese wrote alongside the white heart emoticons and a winking face. The post is about to reach 65,000 ‘Hearts’ and in the comments his fans celebrate his possible relationship with the former Peru.

Janick did not deny romance

Consulted on the subject by the program “Amor y Fuego”, Janick Maceta was cautious with her statements. “Ah, you know that I can’t testify for the program hahaha. I am with another house, but in any case I appreciate the attention of your call ”, Indian.

“Right now I am about to enter the program again. I really appreciate your call, but I can’t talk to you. Sorry”, added. However, finally the jury of “I Am: Big Battles” highlighted Wiese’s qualities: “Eh, well he has talent, of course.”


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