Andrés Hurtado sends a live threat to the mayor of Barranco: “I’m going to pull you out of your hair”

Driver Andres Hurtado attacked the mayor of Barranco, José Rodríguez Cárdenas, during his Saturday program after accusing him of having left more than 600 families homeless by closing seven restaurants since the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic began.

The popular ‘Chibolín’ unloaded all his ‘artillery’ against the mayor and threw several qualifiers into the air considering that he has left dozens of people unemployed.

There are 632 families that do not eat for two years and three months, because you closed the restaurants in a pandemic, that is your bad soul. (…) That is what this mayor of Barranco is, a miserable man and on top of that he is running for mayor of Lima. Look huachafo, when I present your counter-campaign, you will see what will happen to all those you left hungry”, he attacked on his program “Because today is Saturday with Andrés’.

The Panamericana TV figure also assured that the deaths of the parents of the mayor of Barranco are the product of karma. “Listen to me beast. How can you think of leaving waiters without food in the middle of a pandemic? That is why God punished you with your father and with your mother. COVID took them away, because you let those poor people starve to death.”critical.

Andrés Hurtado’s criticism did not stop there because the driver threatened Mayor José Rodríguez in front of the cameras and said that he would go looking for him at the municipal headquarters to rebuke him face to face. “I’m afraid I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m going to go look for you and I’m going to get you by the hair”he emphasized.


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