Andrés García’s reasons for refusing to give an interview

For a few weeks, the health of Andres Garcia has caused intrigue among the followers of the iconic soap opera actor, since it got worse product of the diseases, such as cirrhosiswhich drags for several years.

To this is added that the celeb from mexico He suffered a hard fall that left a deep scar on his forehead, for which he was hospitalized for a few days, in which he was accompanied by his wife Margarita.

However, and although in recent days it seemed regain your healthComing to terms with his daughter after several years of disputes, the actor surprised his followers by refusing to give an interview.

The actor Andrés García with his wife Margarita Portillo, who has accompanied him in his worst moments (Photo: Andrés García / Instagram)


Despite being in poor health, the remembered protagonist of “Deceived Women” had agreed to give interviews and even challenged the actor Hernán Palazuelos to a duel. However, this recently changed.

A few days ago, the production of the program “Gossip” tried to contact the veteran actor to arrange an interview, to which he replied that he was not feeling well and could not provide the interview.

I feel very weak, at the moment I can’t talk about anything. My throat is fucked too, so now is not the time. What you want is an interview, but I’m very sick right now, I’m not going to give interviews”, explained the actor in a video broadcast by the program itself.

Similarly, the actor indicated that he prefers to wait a few days to improve your health and strengthand thus converse with the drivers.

We would have to wait, I don’t know how long, for me to feel a little less bad and for me to be able to speak better because, if you notice, it’s hard for me to speak”, sentenced the 81-year-old artist.


A few days ago, the actor shared a video on your YouTube accountwhere he approaches 100 thousand subscribers, which shows him lying on his bed, because he felt too weak to sit up.

I’m going to have to do a new test or my hemoglobin dropped again because since I had leukemia my hemoglobin is very low and if it drops a little for some reason I’m very weak”, he explained.

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