Andrej Mangold is dating again: Ex-"Bachelor" went to the psychologist

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Andrej Mangold is dating again
Ex- “Bachelor” was with the psychologist

Last year’s “Summer House of the Stars” season left its mark. With the spectators, but also with the participant Andrej Mangold. After the serious allegations of bullying against him, he hid for a while. But now he wants to look ahead.

One thing is clear: on his trip to the “summer house of the stars” last year, ex-“Bachelor” Andrej Mangold did not exactly smear himself with fame. But he too had to go through a difficult time after the allegations of bullying that were raised after his appearance. Not only one or the other shit storm broke over him, his relationship with girlfriend Jennifer Lange also broke up.

The result: The 34-year-old withdrew temporarily. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, he now admits that he also sought professional help. “After my breakdown and the difficult time, I sought advice from a psychologist. Anyone who has problems or doesn’t know what to do next should do that, because it helps,” says Mangold. His psychologist advised him to look ahead. “And now I’ll do that too,” he says fiercely.

“An international model”

Among other things, he is now open to dates again. He is just about to “get to know someone”, he explains in the “Bild” interview. A meeting has already been initiated: “This meeting will take place in New York, because she is an international model and at the same time as me in the Big Apple.” In fact, it’s her very first date. But: “Who knows, maybe it really is the one. I am full of anticipation”.

The ex-professional basketball player explains that he is currently in New York for professional reasons. He got a modeling job at an international brand and was there for “several shoots”. His goal is to work “internationally and bilingual” in the future. In addition, next year he will have his first moderation job at a well-known event in Germany, “where there will also be many celebrities”.

He is now more critical of reality TV formats, says Mangold. Apparently, he does not completely rule out participating again. That depends on the fairness of the makers, so the ex- “Bachelor”.

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Systematic bullying

The “Summer House of the Stars” season of 2020 caused a scandal, as it showed how Eva Benetatou, a resident, was systematically bullied. Ringleaders were Mangold and his girlfriend at the time, Lange. The former Rosenkavalier saw himself misrepresented and blamed the cut of the program for it. RTL rejected the accusation, however, decidedly.

Andrej Mangold distributed the roses in the dome show “The Bachelor” in 2019. He sorted out Benetatou in the final and decided on Lange, with whom he actually entered into a relationship. A short time after the joint “summer house” participation and the fuss about the show, however, the couple separated.

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