Andreia Silva accused of “stealing” her boyfriend: “They’ve been cheating on me for over a month…”

Andreia Silva, ex-contestant of ‘Love on Top’, shared recently that she is in love again even though she has “hidden” the new relationship. However, the Algarve resorted to Instagram yesterday to show itself alongside its new love, Ricardo Paixão, to launch a poll of followers.

Who do you think you should ask whom to date? Me or Ricardo?“, wrote in the description of the publication, with a challenge for those who follow it.

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This poll was used by Erica Duarte, who used Instagram stories to make accusations against the new couple. The storie (now erased) contained the revelation that Andreia Silva had “stolen” her current boyfriend: “I tried to be mature but my patience ran out because I don’t think that the happiness of some has to depend on the pain of others and respect is beautiful and everyone likes it!“, begins by writing Érica Duarte.

Since we are living off fame and Instagram, I am hereby explaining that as beautiful as this is all there is also a lot involved… like for example they have been cheating on me for more than a month“, added the young woman, launching a new survey: “The survey I propose is the following: But is everything alright?

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