Andreas Gabalier raves about Ekat: Now he is reacting "let’s dance"-Pro on his advances

If Andreas Gabalier could choose his dream woman, it would be “Let’s Dance” professional Ekaterina Leonova. The musician revealed this in a recent interview. Now the dancer has also commented on the flattery – and her words don’t sound like a rebuff.

When he hears her name, his heart beats faster. Andreas Gabalier, 37, raved about Ekaterina Leonova, 35, in an interview with “”. If he could bake his dream woman, it would be the “Let’s Dance” professional dancer. When asked who or what he would like to take with him to a lonely island, the Austrian replied: “My guitar and maybe this one certain dancer…”.

Andreas Gabalier: “I really like Ekaterina”

It is dancer Ekaterina Leonova who has done it to him. Compared to “Bild” he justifies his interest in the “Let’s Dance” star. “I like Ekaterina very much. She radiates a great zest for life. That’s what I like about a woman.”

Now the 35-year-old is also commenting on the advances. And join the little flirt? “Andreas is a likeable guy. And if he wants to dance with me so much, you might see each other on the floor,” reveals Ekaterina in an interview with “Bild”. A rebuff sounds different.

backstage at "let's dance"

Ekaterina Leonova backstage at “Let’s Dance”.


Does the musician and the dancer go on a date?

Would folk ‘rock ‘n’ roller meet Ekaterina on a date? “You can consider that. If we both have time and meet somewhere…” At least one thing is certain for Andreas Gabalier: If I ever did Let’s Dance, I would only dance with her.”

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