Andreas Gabalier gets up secretly "let’s dance"-Ekaterina!

Oh la la! Andreas Gabalier (37) has been back on the market since November 2019: After about six years of relationship, the hit star separated from Silvia Schneider (40). Since then he has been enjoying his freedom to the fullest and going through life as a single. But how does he actually imagine his personal dream woman? Andreas seems to have very specific ideas…

In conversation with the “Hulapalu” singer spoke about his current love life. When asked who his absolute dream woman is, Andreas had a very clear answer: “Then it would be Ekaterina Leonova (35). She’s funny, I’d like to dance with her.” Apparently he has seen the Let’s Dance dancer before when they both stayed at the same hotel.

But Andreas even goes one step further and reveals what he would take with him to a desert island! “My guitar and maybe that one particular dancer”, he revealed. He himself also believes that he is a good choice for women. “I’m a very uncomplicated, fun-loving and cool guy. That’s definitely how I would introduce myself to women,” explained the likeable Austrian.

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Andreas Gabalier, July 2021
Ekaterina Leonova in October 2021
Andreas Gabalier, 2011

Would you have thought that Andreas is into Ekat?

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